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Tree of Light dedications 2014


 Book of Celebration and Remembrance 2014

Detailed below are the Tree of Light dedications made in 2014.  The dedications are listed in alphabetical order and to find yours just scroll down the page. Follow this link for more detail on the Ludlow Tree of Light.


Atkins – Leonard and Ivy Pardoe, Dear Grandparents, Loved and always missed, never forgotten especially at Christmas – Darren and Christopher

Austin – George and Nora Austin, Remembering you with all our love as always – Your Sons and Daughter.


Baptist – In remembrance of Husband John, Brother Bill and Sisters Irene, Nancy and Ceinwen — Joyce Baptist


Bufton – In remembrance of parents Tom and Maud Bufton – Joyce Baptist daughter

Bennett -In memory of Len – From Liz

Billington – To our dear Eddie. Gone from our lives but never from our hearts – Love always — Your loving Family

Bowden – In loving memory of Dorothy and Ted Lello – Devoted Mum and Dad Jonny, Titch, Kevin and Family

Breakwell – Dear Mum, Another year has passed us by, and still those tears fill our eyes. We think of you every day,

our memories will always stay. From Derek, Helen, Robert, Ryan, Laura, Julie, Richard, Oliver, and Thomas.

Brooke – In memory of Karen Brooke

Brooke In memory of Patrick Brooke

Browne – For John and Marjorie Morris – Our second Christmas without you Mum but hope you’re celebrating with Dad up there ! Miss you so much – All Our love — From Trina, Steve and Calvin xxx

Brown – To Bill Brown ( William ) – Never far from our thoughts – From Miranda and Nora.

Bunn – John, Doreen and Roland Bunn — Always in our thoughts – Love and miss you — From Malcolm, Sonia, Jenny and Families


Candy – John Williams – Hope that you are still listening to the music Dad. Love from all of us – Daughter Jean

Candy – Muriel and Andrew Edwards – Bright and happy memories of you both – Forever missed – Niece and cousin Jean

Cannon – In memory of Roy Booton, Another year without You, Always in our thoughts, God Bless – From Rona, Flavia, Brenda, Alf, Rachel, Dave, Joyce, Jake and Emily

Chatten – In loving memory of Jane and Reginald Chatten, Wonderful Mum and Dad. Always in our thoughts, Forever in our hearts. Love from Son George, Daughter Jean, and Son – in – Law Stanley.

Cobley – In fond memory of Evalyn and Sophia

Cooper – In loving memory of Don Cooper

Cooper – In loving memory of a dear Wife Linda Cooper – From Russell

Cooper – In loving memory of a loving Mum and Nan Linda Cooper From Shaun, Paul and Family

Craven – In loving memory of Cornelius ( Con ) Butler – From Wife Mary and Children Mo, Mike and Gill

Craven – In loving memory of Stephen Gittoes – From Mum, Brother Sean, Gran, Mike and Gill

Crump – In loving memory of dearest Les – Always in my thoughts, Your loving wife Marg

Crump – In loving memory of our dearest Dad who is sadly missed each and every day – Carol, Tony, Brian, Pat, Irene, Graham and Families

Cushion – Dave Cushion, your memory is so special, your presence missed so much. You always will be within our hearts and loved so very much. From Gill, Chris, Wendy, Harley, Rehanna.

Cushion – Kenneth Hall ( Dad ) Deep in our hearts your memory is to love and to cherish – Never to forget. From Chris, Wendy, Rehanna and Harley.


Darby – In loving memory of my dear late Wife Barbara Darby – From loving Husband Brian.

Darby – In loving memory of my late Parents Harry and Olive Darby late of Bitterley – From loving Son Brian.

Davis – In loving memory of Lilian and Bert Whittall – From Joy and Barrie


Eades – Joyce Wilton – Fond Memories of a lovely Sister,missed greatly – Lots of love – Ruth

Edwards – John and Minnie Edwards – Remembering you always with love From John, Jean and Families

Edwards – Michael, we love and miss you every day – God bless you – Mum, Dad, Janet, Steve and Family

Evans – Baden Evans – Always in our thoughts – Your loving Wife

Ezard – In loving memory of Tim Ezard – Devoted Husband and Dad – Beryl and Peter


Fallows – In fond memory of Eddie and Majorie Fallows

Fewtrell -In loving memory of Gervase and Thelma Jackson

Fewtrell – In loving memory of Tom and Olive Fewtrell


Grant – Barbara, Harry, Olwyn, Ken, Grant, Tish and Pat – Always in our thoughts – From Mal, Phil, Stephen, Sarah, Steve, Meghan and Fynn

Greenhill – Bob and Dave Greenhill – with fond memories – Love Anthony

Greenhill – Dave Greenhill – Never forgotten – Just wishing you were still here – Love always – All our love Sue, Nath and Naomi.


Hall – In loving memory of Lionel Hall – From all his Family.

Handley – To Mum and Dad – Always in our thoughts – Lots of love Alma, Vilma and all the Family.

Harrington – In memory of my Brother Colin Harrington – From Sylvia, Fred, Clive, Kevin, Cheryl, Lisa and Families.

Haynes – In memory of Les and Tine Haynes

Howard – Geoff Howard – always in our thoughts – Love Win, VAL, Pam and Families

Howard – Terry Howard – You are still missed so much – Love always From Mum, Sisters Val and Pam and Families

Hyde – In loving memory of my parents John and Vivian Hyde – From Dr Robert Hyde


Jacks – June Jacks – Dear Mum, No card to write to show we care, Just our love, and a quiet Prayer – From Tracey and Gail

Jacks – June Jacks – It broke my heart to lose you but you did not go alone, For part of me went with you, the day God called you home. I miss you so much, Love you always – Your ever loving Husband John

Jones – In memory of Chris Jones

Jones – In memory of Sybil and her beautiful dahlias – From Sybil’s friends

Jones – Remembering past Christmas times with departed loved ones – From Daphne


Laidlaw – Dorothy Laidlaw


Lawrence-Howard – Terry Howard – Memories are eternal Dad – You are always with me – From Loving Son Ben

Lewis – In loving memory of a very dear Mum and Dad (Mr & Mrs Jim Barker) We miss you loads – Love Gwen and Basil Lewis xx

Lewis – In loving memory of a very dear Son Peter and Daughter Alison – Always thought of, missed loads – Love and kisses Mummy and Daddy and Sisters Helen and Tracey xxxx

Lloyd – In memory of my daughter Frances Lees from Wendy Lloyd

Lloyd – In memory of my husband David Lloyd from Wendy Lloyd


Marshall – In memory of David Marshall

Merrick – Our fourth Christmas without you – You are always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts – From Wife Jan, Julie and Patrick and Grandchildren.

Milbourne – Betty Milbourne – Mum – Always in our thoughts – From All the Family.

Milbourne – Harold Milbourne – Dad – Always in our thoughts – From All the Family.

Morgan – Remembering a dear Dad and Grandad – From Philip, Richard, Nickey and Families


Nash – In loving Remembrance of Les – From Edna and Family

Nash – In loving Remembrance of my sister Connie – From Edna


Oliver – Reg Oliver – You will always be loved and remembered every day Love Eileen, John, Andrew, Tony and family



Pinchin – Derek and Daryl Pinchin – Always remembered by Wife and Mother Audrey. – From Audrey Pinchin

Pinchin – Derek and Daryl Pinchin – Dearly missed by Son and Brother Richard and his Family Madge, Gemma and Daniel — From Richard Pinchin

Pitt – Philip George Pitt – Always in our thoughts, very sadly missed – Love always Dad – Fee, Stefan, Ashley and Becky xx

Pitt – Philip George Pitt – Love and miss you always – Eternal love Tracey xxx

Pitt – Philip Pitt – Always in our thoughts and missed a lot – You were a loving Son in Law – Love Gwen and Basil Lewis

Poulter – In remembrance of Norman Poulter – So sadly missed – With love Joyce and Family.

Preece – To my dear Mum, Ellen Preece – So sadly missed and loved everyday From Carol and Frank

Price – In remembrance of all our Family no longer with us — Jean and Sue Price

Price – In remembrance of all our loved ones – Pat, Pete and Mark Bull

Prince – Mathew Evans – Forever in our thoughts and greatly missed – Lots of love always – Gran and Grandad xxx


Raiswell – In memory of Barry Raiswell – Forever in our hearts and so dearly missed – All our love – Pat, Paul, Clive, Mandy, James and Jessica

Raiswell – Treasured memories of Lillian and Bill Raiswell – Lovingly remembered everyday – From Pat, Clive, Paul, Mandy, James and Jessica

Rea – In remembrance of Alice Hull – Sisters Moll and Joyce

Reynolds – A very Happy Christmas to all my Family, friends and wonderful Care at Home carers

Reynolds – In loving memory of my dear husband Dennis

Rhoden – In loving memory of Joey and Edie Rhoden and Betty Edwards – Always remembered – From Dave, Di, Chris, Barry and Families

Rhoden – In loving memory of Stan Jackson – Always in our thoughts From Bet, Clive, Liz, Di, Dave, Chris, Wendy and Families

Richards – In loving memory of my Sister Elsie Richards – From Sylvia, Clive, Kevin, Cheryl, Lisa and Families.

Robinson – In fond memory of my parents, Jack and Joy Robinson

Rogers – John and Fran Galliers – Loved and remembered each day – Rita and Glynis Rogers

Rogers – To Dale a dear little Grandson – Always remembered – Gran and Grandad Rogers

Rogers – To Harry and Gladys – Loved and remembered always – Lawrance and Rita Rogers.

Rotary – Wishing members of The Rotary Club of Ludlow ( Past and Present ) a Merry Christmas, from Sue Fleetwood


Scarratt – For Irene Johnson, loving Mum, sadly missed – From Ray and Family

Selley – In memory of Eva Mary Matthews – From Kathleen, Len and Family

Selley – In memory of Janet Elizabeth Stewardson – From Mum, Dad and Family

Smith – In loving memory of Terry a dear Husband and Dad – Always remembered – From Geraldine, David, Sarah and Jamie

Smith – To my wonderful Dad ( Bill Morris ) who I miss each and every day – Love you – Your loving daughter Jenny

Sykes – Maureen Sykes – Always in our thoughts – The Sykes Family

Sykes – Ray Sykes still missed – From the Sykes Family


Teale – To a much loved Husband George Teale – Missing You – Agnes

Tristram – To John Tristram – From Daisy, David and Gavin.


Underhill – Daughter Julie Tennant

Underhill – Mum and Dad Powis


Webb – In memory of twins Ken and Sid Webb, from Fred Webb

Wheeler – In remembrance of Mary, Gordon Wheeler – Loved and missed everyday – With love from Linda, Mick and Family.

Williams – Remembering a dear Husband, also Mum and Dad and Sister From Merle and Family

Wise – In memory of Barry Wise – Forever in our hearts and so dearly missed – All our love from Sue, Simon, Jonney, and Ralph xxxx

Wright – Milly and Jonny Cooper — Miss you both every day – All the Cooper Family


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