Ludlow in winter

Junior Community Awards

Dog Day 2017

Mock interviews at Ludlow College

Representatives of 14 organisation that received awards from Ludlow Rotary Cares

Representatives of the 4 main beneficiaries of Dog Day 2017

Switch on of Tree of Light 2017

Medieval Fayre Mulled Wine Stall 2017

Rotakids at Clee Hill School planting purple crocus for End-Polio-Now


Events and Activities

Fund Raising Activities: We raise money in a variety of ways including subscriptions and personal contributions from members, social events for members and public fund raising events as well as rattling tins for special appeals such as the recent earth quakes in Nepal and the cyclone in Fiji. In addition members help other Rotary Clubs and organisations with their fund raising activities and this help is reciprocated.

A percentage of the annual membership subscription is automatically donated to the local district of the Rotary Clubs of Great Britain and a further percentage is automatically donated to Rotary International (RIBI). These donations are used to fund district, national and international activities including the current drive to eliminate polio called End Polio Now.

During the last 12 months the Ludlow Rotary Club has raised funds at the following events. All sums quoted are net of direct costs.

Fund Raising Event Net Sum Raised
Dog Day 2015 £18571.00
Sausage Trail at the Food Festival £120.00
Pimms Stall at the Food Festival £1104.00
Mulled Wine Stall at the Medieval Festival £818.00
Tree of Light £761.00
Members social events £1191.00
Street collections £1628.00


 Serving the Community: During the last 12 months members were involved delivering in the following community activities.

Stroke Awareness Day
Mock interviews at Ludlow College
Rotary Young Photography
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
Junior Community Awards
Ludlow Rotary Cares – A small grants scheme for to local organisations and charities