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Rotakids at Clee Hill School planting purple crocus for End-Polio-Now


Bishop Hooper School supports End Polio Now

       Extract from Bishop Hooper School Bulletin:

“Before half term, the children had an assembly about how the Rotary Club are helping to support the ‘End Polio Now’ vaccination scheme around the world. There are only 3 countries left in the world where polio hasn’t been eradicated; Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. A worldwide campaign to vaccinate all children has already been successful in other countries – India is now polio free as it has not had a single case for 3 years because of improved sanitation and the vaccination programme.

We have decided to support this campaign at the school because we would like be part of the group that “closed the gap” on polio and made it the second disease to be totally eradicated from the world; smallpox is the other disease.

We are going to be planting 500 purple crocuses in the school grounds to show our support. (When a child is vaccinated, their finger nail is stained purple so that other health professionals know that child is protected from polio, so purple crocuses to represent the purple finger nail.)

The Rotary Club has given us the crocuses in return for a donation of 10p per crocus. If you would like to contribute towards this donation, every bit would be gratefully received, whether it’s 10p, 50p, £1 or more. All the children will be involved with the planting as this is a school pledged towards ending polio now …. in our life time. Thank you for your support.”

Our thanks to everyone at Bishop Hooper School from Ludlow Rotary Club. If you would like to know more about the work of Rotary please visitor website


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  1. Sue Fleetwood says:

    Thank you Bishop Hooper School for supporting this great cause. Looking forward to seeing the crocuses in the Spring.

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